Take Care of Yourself

Now that I am in my late 30’s….wow, it’s so weird to say that.  I’m 37.  But time has moved so fast that I don’t actually feel like I’m 37.  I take that back.  There are some days where I feel 37 and older.  But sometimes, I still feel like I’m in my 20’s.  It feels as if it was just yesterday that I was turning 25.  And here I am about to turn 38 soon.

You don’t realize it when you are younger, however once you start getting older and maturing, you notice things that you should have been doing.  Or should be doing.  Such as a skin care routine, taking vitamins, getting more sleep, or even something as simple as drinking more water.

infused waterPhoto by Melissa Walker Horn on Unsplash

I was terrible at all of these things.  I never drank water, because I found it so boring.  So plain.  But all you have to do is spruce it up a bit and that makes it more enjoyable.  Add lemon or cucumbers and mint.  Anything that will make you want to drink it more because it really does make your skin more beautiful and it also makes you feel so much better when you are properly hydrated.


Another thing I was terrible at for a very long time was taking my vitamins.  I never understood the importance of them and I could never be bothered to take them.  After reading up on them, I now understand.  The picture to the right are the vitamins I take.  The two gummies are my multi-vitamin, the big white pill is calcium, the small white gel cap is biotin, the clear gel cap is vitamin D, and the pink small pill is vitamin B12.  I actually feel better when I take my vitamins because I know I don’t get all my dailies from what I eat.  And I love the biotin because I am growing out my pixie hair cut and I noticed this time round, (this is my third time growing out a pixie), my hair is growing faster than it normally does.  So the biotin has been helping a lot.

Lastly, skin care.  Skin care is so important.  You don’t think about it in your teens and 20’s because your young and your skin is fine.  That is how I was.  I didn’t do anything for my skin.  Now that I am older, I am starting to see fine lines and spots I never had before.  I wish I had started a routine a long time ago.  Especially because unlike my husband, I wasn’t blessed with the best genes.  He’s 10 years older than me however looks younger than me. So I really need to get this skincare routine down so that people don’t mistake me for the older one in this relationship.  But I guess it’s better late than never.


So whether you are young or older, start taking care of yourself.  Not only will it make your look better, you will feel better too.


















Facial Scrubbies

Skin care is so important at any age.  I’ll admit, I wasn’t always the best at it.  Especially with washing off my makeup.  I would just get a bar of soap and wash my face.  Or some days, I forgot to wash my face and went to bed with my make up on.  I know…I know.  That is terrible for your skin.  Now that I am older and I am starting to see those fine lines, I know I really need to take care of my skin.  I should have started earlier in my 20’s, but who really thinks about that in their 20’s?  So here I am in my late 30’s finally taking notice.  Better late than never.

So anyways, the point of this post is that i discovered the best facial scrubbies, as I call them.  These facial cleansing pads are the best thing since sliced bread.  I am serious.  They remove all my make up and they make my skin feel so soft.  The little bristles are soft and work so well.  I can’t tell you more how much I love these.  You’ll just have to try them yourself.

S & T Lil'scrubbies, 2 Count

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